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Still dealing with the incredible overabundance of lemons. Today I made “Lemonade Sirup” from The Joy of Cooking.


Lemonade Sirup
Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer-Becker. McClelland and Stewart Limited Edition, Toronto (1967?) – maybe the reason syrup is spelled with an “i.”

About 4 1/2 cups
Boil for 5 minutes:

2 c sugar
1 c water
rind of 2 lemons, cut into thin strips
1/8 tsp salt

Cool and add: Juice of 6 lemons
Strain the sirup. Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator.
Add: 2 tbsp sirup
To: 1 glass ice or carbonated water

The Meyer lemons are sweet for lemons so I needed to add the juice from at least four more to make the syrup more tangy. I made a jar of lemonade and froze the rest in 2 tbsp ice cubes.

I also have in hand a recipe suggested by my neighbor for a lemon yogurt cake from the book, Barefoot Contessa at Home by Ina Garten. Unfortunately this will only use about 3 lemons – not nearly enough! But it looks good so I may make it anyway.

And finally, I have a recipe from Heidi Swanson’s 101cookbook for preserved Meyer lemons that she got from Chez Panisse. Browsing the web I found many versions of this dish but this one is the simplest. I think that I will have to make it since I can use as many lemons as I can squeeze into mason jars.

The navel orange tree produced its final five oranges, and my neighbor dropped off “a few” tangerines from her tree.


When I think about the what my family living in the midwest and east coast are dealing with I appreciate LA – traffic and all – a bit more. Come visit us!

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4 thoughts on “Yellow lemons for … free

  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog. I especially enjoy the column at right which I use as my garden checklist.<br /><br />I was wondering, do you have a Meyer lemon lemonade recipe that you recommend?<br />Thanks<br />Susan

  2. The sirup sounds like a great way to use some extra Meyers. I like preserved Meyer lemons too though. I made the mistake one year of trying to use up Meyers by making Meyer Lemon Bars. The trouble is, as they&#39;re not as acidic as regular lemons, the bars wouldn&#39;t set! Live and learn!

  3. @cco – I like the Joy of Cooking recipe for lemonade syrup that I gave above. Only change I&#39;d make is to use more lemons and maybe cut the sugar a bit since Meyer lemons are sweeter and less tart.<br /><br />@CVF – thanks for the tipe about substituting Meyers for other lemons. The problem I have with these recipes is that they don&#39;t use enough lemons. I brought some lemons to Rancho

  4. Success! I am delighted to report that the Lemonade Sirup I made using your wonderful recipe was successful. Big time. I can’t believe how easy it was, especially considering it was my first try. <br /><br />Thank you, thank you, thank you,<br />Trinity

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