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Real quick post before going off to the beach. In my ongoing effort to be a lazy gardener I am always looking for changes that will result in less work. This week I did a big one. There were three very old xylosma shrubs that formed part of a hedge next to the sidewalk. It was always in need of shearing and it was always dripping with whitefly – yuk. I had xylosma in the backyard years ago and got rid of it because it attracts giant whitefly (and is boring). The disgusting insects are hard to get rid of and spread to other less susceptible plants. Once the xylosma was gone, so were the whiteflies. The xylosma in the front next to the yesterday-today-and-tomorrow (Brunfelsia grandiflora) has followed suit. It’s gone now!

Whitefly webbing hangs off xylosma leaves. It spread to the Brunfelsia and even the goldenrod in the parkway. G110802_3683_600px

Little spiders had lots to eat but even they could not keep up with these. What a mess.

The xylosma is now gone and there is new space – opportunity for something else.

The next thing that has been happening is the slow death of the parkway grass in the front of the house. The picture below is from my office window. As I write I contemplate what this will become. I want it to be very low and very simple. Arrangements of rocks and plants? Decomposed granite with a few plants? Haven’t hit on it yet.


Ideas anyone?

2 thoughts on “Work Reduction Work

  1. Maybe some stepping stones and Lessingia filaginifolia 'Silver Carpet'? It seems a popular choice for this type of situation where Dymondia isn't preferred.

  2. Thanks, Brent. I am thinking of this. Another thought – low succulents and boulders, with transitioning from side parkway (scrub) and front yard (woodland). Succulents would be Dudleya hassei, maybe a few larger, structural plants like Agave 'Blue Flame' or just Agave attenuata. Low growing Epilobium to transistion from side yard and some penstemon Margarita BOP for spring color.

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