Winter vegetable garden

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As a follow up to the post of 2/1/16, Front yard vegetable garden, check out the photos of my winter vegetable garden below¬† (January through today, March 21). The lettuce has been delicious, I love having green onions that are not from Mexico, there are lots of herbs, the kale and Swiss chard are amazing, and I’ve even had a few sugar peas. Many native plants and nonnative nasturtium are in bloom so the garden has lots of bees.

The paper wasps are numerous, which I am not delighted about, but I know they are or will be chomping down on aphids and other garden pests. I have read that the European paper wasp (which is what I probably have) are not aggressive unless you inadvertently touch their nests. Since they seem to be building nests everywhere, it is only a matter of time before I do this. Will have to be vigilant to remove any nests I see in places we might touch.

It amazes me how quickly a vegetable garden grows. Like I said, the food has been fantastic. The beets, globe onions, and artichokes, however, are not yet ready. The beets will be a special challenge for me because I really don’t like the way they taste. Maybe I’ll try making borscht and tapping into my limited Jewishness. Doubt if that will help because I dislike borscht as much as I dislike beets! Luckily my husband love beets.

Happy Spring, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Winter vegetable garden

  1. Your garden looks just lovely now! My luck with the lettuce and the onions in the garden wasn’t very good, but unfortunately my indoor containers grow pretty good and fast and we already had some salads. Found some good ideas to try in my garden. Thank you for sharing and happy gardening!

    • weedingwildsuburbia

      Hi Joyce. Sometimes my lettuce is pretty bad. I think it has to do with timing and weather. If I plant too late in winter/spring – we can grow all year here – then the seedlings get eaten by slugs and snails. Also if it gets really hot, they bolt quickly. These were planted in winter and we have had some nice cool weather (some hot weather too) and it is only now that the snails and slugs are feasting.

      This is my first time with onions and the green onions are awesome. I will definitely try to keep them going. Good luck with your garden!

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