Desert Wildflower Trip #1

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Early March

Yes we did make it out to the desert – a bit early for the wildflowers however. Since we were visiting our daughter and her boyfriend in Yucca Valley we decided to try to stay on the north side of Joshua Tree National Park. From what I have been hearing Anza-Borrego would have been a better timed trip, but the desert is always gorgeous.

N. Amboy Road between Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness Area and Sheephole Valley Wilderness

A Great Spot in a Few Weeks

Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness Area (ne border)

The spot I really would like to return to in a few weeks is on the northeastern border of the Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness area. The turnoff from N. Amboy Rd., north of 29 Palms, is at the following GPS coordinates: 34°17’58.3″N 115°42’27.84″W. It is hard to spot the turnoff. It is 9.5 miles from the place that Amboy Road turns north (see map below). Drive onto the dirt road (four-wheel drive recommended for getting onto the dirt road from N. Amboy and navigating the sandy surface). Drive 3/4 mile east to the Wilderness Area fence (see picture below).

Google Earth Map of drive from Amboy Rd in 29 Palms, north on S Amboy Rd to N Amboy Rd, 9.5 miles, turnoff east to Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness Area (3/4 mi).
Border with Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness ( 34°17’44.06″N 115°43’11.38″W)

What’s in bloom now

Like I said, we were early. I think it will be great in another week or two. May not have the wildflower cover of some spots, but there’s a whole lot going on. Definitely worth another visit and a walk into the Wilderness Area.