Wildflower Seedlings Doing Well

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I planted some baby blue eyes (Nemophila menziesii) seeds in a pot on December 17th and as you can see they are germinating nicely. This year I sowed lots of new seeds all over the yard, and am also seeing many previous years’ annuals coming back. It should be a great wildflower season.

3 thoughts on “Wildflower Seedlings Doing Well

  1. I saw your post over at Garden Rant and thought I would check out your blogs. The Rant is good for attracting a diverse gardening group with interesting blogs. <BR/>Though I live in Chicago the Mr and I have visited the Santa Anna botanic garden several times. It is one of my favorite and the first we visited, years ago, that specialized in native plants. That has been slowly changing with more

  2. Forgot to say good luck with your seedlings and seed growing. It will be nice to watch your progress…Gloria

  3. Thanks Gloria. I had a look at your blog as well and I must say that pictures of snow-covered plants makes me a bit homesick for the east coast.

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