What kind of tomato is this?

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Why do I always lose the tags? I bought this tomato plant somewhere, at sometime, and it grew and grew and grew. The tomatoes are very big – see the tiny cherry tomato on the plate for scale. Actually the tomato is even bigger than it looks here. It is about the size of a large grapefruit.


Anyway, they look pretty yucky so I decided to cook them up. Before throwing them into a pot I tasted a bit and surprise, it was yummy. Low acid, sweet. Not great but good. And look how cool they look sliced.


Thought I’d also put in a picture I took today of a tomato-red dragonfly. Only had time for one shot before she was off and gone.


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3 thoughts on “What kind of tomato is this?

  1. Mike Field

    I think the tomato is a "Big Rainbow"

  2. Barbara,<br /><br />Looks like perhaps a Rainbow tomato, we have a few here, very big and tasty. <br /><br />Love the dragonfly photo. I can&#39;t ID it without a top side photo, western red dragonflies could be any of 5-6 species I think.

  3. Mmm…that tomato looks divine. We&#39;ve grown a few large bicolor tomatoes here, including Texas Star, Marvel Stripe, and Pineapple. I don&#39;t think they look yucky at all. Glad you tried it before cooking! Love the dragonfly shot…I find it difficult to get that close with a camera before they take off!

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