What I’m Doing In My Garden

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globe gilia (Gilia capitata) seed heads

From Wild Suburbia

I’ve started something new on WildSuburbia. On the right is a new column: What I’m Doing in My Garden. Each time I do something in the garden I will list it, as briefly as possible. This way there will be a running list of garden work throughout the year.

Today I started cleaning up the annual wildflowers. I harvested the seeds, but will leave some for garden critters to eat.

closeup of globe gilia seed heads.

From Wild Suburbia

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) seed pod that has dehisced – split open. It does this suddenly, usually shooting the seeds out. I collect the pods when they are browned and keep them in a paper bag to catch the seeds.

From Wild Suburbia

collection of poppy seeds and pods.

From Wild Suburbia

4 thoughts on “What I’m Doing In My Garden

  1. I haven’t grown the gilia but should plan some on next season. In your photo it looks like it’s one of those plants that ages gracefully and is still beautiful long after the flowers have faded.

  2. It does age well. The stems are fairly robust so they don&#39;t just flop over. I have a picture on picasa of one in bloom (I have many better pictures of this but I haven&#39;t uploaded them). Anyway you can see it at:<br />http://picasaweb.google.com/barbara.eisenstein/WildSuburbia?authkey=Gv1sRgCL6usLmA2dm3Cg&amp;feat=directlink#5318759808356273634<br />It is real easy to grow.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, I am so pleased! I do hope you will post some of your wonderful photos of seedlings as they come up next winter/spring. Telling the weedling from the seedling has been my most vexing obstacle to successful wildflower (and native grass) gardening, and I haven’t found any really good visual references. Botanical descriptions don’t work for me…a picture being worth a thousand words, at

  4. Yes, I agree photos of the seedlings would be great. I have a bunch from previous years. Hopefully I’ll have the time to post them next spring (February here). As for distinguishing grass seedlings – not sure it can be done, but I’ll be trying.

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