6 thoughts on “What do you mean, you didn’t mean that deck?


  2. funny!

  3. Barbra,<br />Taking a while to get it done?<br /><br /> You need a Sawzall and a box of 12 inch torch blades. Pry up the boards and cut the nails you&#39;ll be done in no time. I&#39;m two months into a 14 x 40 deck and 14 x 14 screened in porch project and it is almost done.

  4. Mary Delle

    Coming…coming… one day done!!

  5. Randy, yes indeed a sawzall would make a quick end to it all, and we do own one. My son (the one who is getting married) volunteered the gasoline/match approach. Alas, we are cowards and opted for the slow and careful approach. <br /><br />I am excited about the change this will make to the yard. It is coming!

  6. LOL!! We had the same joke when demolishing our outside front stairs to the upper deck.

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