Volunteers Make A Difference – Lower Entrance

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Randy Caruso has been helping out in the park since 2016. He leads a group of Bank of America employees through the #BofAVolunteers Program. In 2018, Randy turned his attention to the Lower Entrance of the park when a recreational path was being built adjacent to the Nature Park. The group has beat back a serious collection of weeds, moved mulch and rocks, and turned an unsightly mess into an inviting entrance. (Click here to view the plans for the Demonstration Garden that was constructed in the site.)

The following pictures show the progress we have made since 2018. We will plant the fourth and final bed of the Demonstration Garden next winter. We hope to further enhance the Lower Entrance with a large welcoming entrance sign and the creation of an oak/walnut woodland with an intermittently wet stream bed for infiltration of urban runoff. None of this would be possible without the help of so many volunteers. We South Pasadenans should be thankful for the hours of work they and others have contributed.

  • Volunteers start work at Lower Entrance
  • Volunteers move rocks to create borders for garden beds
  • Volunteers work on new garden beds
  • Volunteers working on Demonstration Garden
  • Outline of beds emerges
  • Volunteers working on final bed
  • Volunteers installing the Demonstration Garden in January 2023
  • First spring with new plantings and wildflowers
  • Volunteers creating the 4th garden bed at the Lower Entrance
  • The fourth bed is completed and will be planted during the fall and winter of next year
  • Fourth bed with rock border and mulch

For more information on volunteer opportunities check out Facebook, or WeedingWildSuburbia.com. Email barbara@weedingwildsuburbia.com with questions or to subscribe to Nature Park Newsletter (Mailchimp).