Veggie garden speed post

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Wanted to post these pictures real quick-like. I finally got around to starting the tomato seeds that I bought from Tomato Growers Supply Company. I bought: Better Boy, Bush Early Girl, Celebrity, Sioux, Super Sweet 100. I’m not much for heirloom tomatoes. Maybe if I am super successful with these I’ll add some heirloom next year. In the past the heirloom tomatoes I’ve grown haven’t been great.

Anyway, I bought a Speedling tray┬áto start them in. It is a styrofoam (yes, I know, I hate styrofoam too, but this is supposed to be good). Used cactus mix cause that’s what I have around and I don’t like to use plain perlite since it dries out so quickly. Carefully placed 3 seeds per cell, sunk them with a wooden skewer and misted the damp soil and seeds.

tomato seeds
Cactus mix instead of seed starter cause that’s what I got, speedling seed tray, tomato seeds from Tomato Growers Supply Comp.
tomato seeds
Sunk seeds (3/tray) with wooden skewer.
tomato seeds
Misting cells with water spray.

I’m always a bit nervous about posting before the project works out. I certainly have successfully grown tomatoes, but I usually buy either 6-packs or 4 inch plants. Wanted to select the exact varieties that I wanted, and not get overwhelmed with the millions of varieties at the nursery, especially when the ones I really want are┬ánever the ones they have.

Anyway, quick post, excuse typos and grammatical errors. I’m on record now! Ask we about my tomatoes come summer.