Tree work, India style

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To all of my arborist friends: check this out. I was leaving the Institute (TIFR), here in Mumbai when someone instructs me to go around a different way to get to the exit. I notice there is a group of men looking up in a tree and I can hear the sound of an ax.There is a man way up in a pine tree. He has no hardhat or anything, just a heavy rope tied around his waist.

He is chopping at a large limb in the tree. I’m thinking, when that limb falls the tree is going to spring back. I hope this guy is ready for it.

About ten minutes go by and sure enough the limb cracks and falls, the tree springs back, and the worker is fine. Check out these pictures. Sorry they aren’t clearer. I was already told not to take pictures at the Institute so I was trying to be discrete with my cell phone.

Worker chopping large limb in tree. He is tied with the rope you see
hanging down.
Chopping limb with ax.
Limb on driveway, right where I was about to walk.