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People new to using California native plants are often overwhelmed by the many new and unfamiliar plants. Some of us “experts” further confuse these newcomers by using botanical names. Today I spent some time looking for short lists containing the most commonly used garden natives. The very best list I found was on the Tree of Life Nursery website. Under Plant Information they have a list of 30 Reliable California Native Plants. And, OMG,  they also have a google plus folder of images of these plants!!!!

Anyway, not to be outdone by my friends at Tree of Life Nursery, I decided to make a shorter list, so I came up with my own Top 20. This list can be found on WeedingWildSuburbia, under Gardening Resources (on left), Plant Lists.
I absolutely love the photo album that Tree of Life Nursery posted and will shamelessly copy that as well – when I get the time. 
If you have not visited Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano then you are missing something special. It is a truly beautiful and magical place.

Picture of Tree of Life Nursery taken in October 2010 on an overcast day.
Sales yard at TOLN.
Nursery worker approaching Casa ‘La Paz’ (Casa La Paws?)

7 thoughts on “Top 20

  1. Nice list. Uncomplicated and good plants. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sima

    Are you sure that worker isn't Quincy from TPF moonighting?

  3. @Sima. Yes, I think it is!

  4. Very much a fan of Casa 'La Paws'!! Will be stealing that one in future…!

  5. Big fan of Casa 'La Paws' will have to steal that in future!!

  6. I&#39;m sure you considered the UC Davis Arboretum Allstars when looking at native plant lists. <br /><br />I know why I haven&#39;t purposely made selections from it even though some of my garden plants are on it: I have the impression (quite possibly mistaken) that in general the plants on the UCDAA list are less interesting – perhaps because they are hybrids, perhaps because they are not as

  7. Hi Brent. I had forgotten to have a look at that list. I guess my problem with it is that it is native and non-native so I have to scroll through a list with many plants I am not interested in. Also it is too long. My thought on picking 20 was to help people &quot;get their toe wet&quot; in the confusing world of CA native plants for the garden. <br /><br />I like the Rancho Classics list a lot.

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