The Wedding

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Although most of the country is reaching its peak flowering season, those of us who garden with native plants here in the LA Basin, are long past peak. And so it was a challenge to have lots of flowers for my son’s backyard wedding last weekend. With extra watering, help from mother nature with some cool, wet winter and spring weather, and sunflowers, clarkias, and some non-natives, we managed to keep it colorful.

The groom’s brother rests during pre-wedding set-up.

Potted clarkia in front of potted sunflower

Container-grown sunflowers decorated the back porch and the tables. A few more bouquets of sunflowers bought at the local farmer’s market and placed in watering cans added more color to the porch where the wedding ceremony was held.

Nasturtium, lavender, clarkias, gilias, and zinnias were cut from the garden and displayed in mason jars.

More last minute prep, dragging a hose around to water all the containers. The Mexican sage was in bloom and attractive to people and hummingbirds alike.

Father of the groom sets up tables. The center pieces included the miniature sunflowers in terra cotta pots, utensils wrapped in napkins, tied with jute and placed in flower pots with table numbers on a mini chalk board, sriracha rooster sauce, and three mason jars with candles sitting on a bed of sand. There was also a bottle of cucumber-infused vodka and shots glasses for the wedding toast. Bowls of chips and carefully selected salsa, and flower petals sprinkled on the tables for a bit more color completed the table arrangements.

Ten 72 inch tables seated 112 people comfortably.

Guests went to the taco truck when their table number was called to avoid a line forming. After the first round, guests returned for seconds and thirds whenever they were hungry for more.

Tables with shot glasses for wedding toast.

Bride and her father walk down the “aisle” (red brick path). Wildflower bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets were created by Native Design, a volunteer group at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

Bridesmaids and bride.

Proud father and mother of the groom enjoying the wedding, happy to join families with the Fraleys.

Beaming bride and groom.

Bride with her mom.

Yet another good use for a small bit of turf – the first dance.


Although my husband and I were uncertain about holding the wedding in our backyard and catering it with a Korean taco truck, we had a wonderful time. We hope our guests did too. And most important, we wish the bride and groom all the best.

(Note: I didn’t take any pictures during the wedding. Thanks to the guests who gave me their pictures and shared them on facebook.)
(Note2: I’m using this post for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the month of June (thanks again to Carol of May Dreams Gardens.)

13 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Hope you gave yourself a pat on the back. Love all the flowers. The dresses are simply stunning. What a lovely, lucky young couple!

  2. Spectacular. I can't imagine the amount of work that went into that, and I think the idea of a taco truck was great! The bride looks absolutely stunning, as does everything else. Very, very well done.

  3. Barbara, what a perfectly lovely event! Korean taco truck is a stroke of genius! The flowers look absolutely lovely- what flowers were in her bouquet? Congratulations and enjoy a good, long rest- you've earned it!

  4. Barbara, what a delight! Original, earthy, beautiful. I love how you pulled it all off! Your natives and grown-here flowers are lovely, great way to do it! Yay!

  5. liz

    Barbara, what a lovely wedding! The bride and groom look so charming and happy. The backyard setting with the colorful wildflowers are absolutely beautiful. Enjoy a restful summer after a job well done!

  6. Beautiful Barbara! So glad all your hard work paid off, and you can now enjoy a well-earned rest!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful wedding! Keeping things simple is so much better than the ostentatious weddings so many kids have these days. <br /><br />Congratulations on a wonderful event, and best wishes for the happy couple.

  8. Amazing! Well done! Especially love your nails. And your son is so handsome!

  9. I love the taco truck idea, the tables and the lights all look great. Congratulations!

  10. Not only a gorgeous wedding but also very smart. Congratulations!

  11. Thanks everyone. Now back to gardening for fun.

  12. Congratulations on a beautiful and personal wedding. Your garden shone beautifully after all the work you put into it. The new couple is lucky to have your support.

  13. All gorgeous, but my favorite is the cut flowers in mason jars! Too beautiful for words. You must have had to have a tremendous crop of flowers to be able to do that!

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