7 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Hi Susie – thanks a lot. Actually it is the same camera that I&#39;ve had for quite some time. It is a Nikon D70s. I have a nikon 105mm lens that I really like. I don&#39;t use it for many garden pictures that require a wider field of view, but I love it for closeups. <br /><br />Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. susie

    Oh my gosh, beautiful photos! Did you get a new camera…if so tell me about it!

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words, so thanks for this lovely 11,000 word post. Nothing like a garden to remind us to appreciate little miracles.

  4. Grace Peterson

    Barbara~~ You captured a lady bug in flight? Amazing, one of a kind photo. Way cool.

  5. Thanks for your comments, Jess and Grace. Digital cameras are amazing, but insects are <b>really</b> amazing!

  6. Thanks, MD. Hope you had a restful Thanksgiving.

  7. Mary Delle

    Super great photos!! I love the ladybug in flight. The row of grasses is so peaceful.

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