Starting a new garden

Starting a new garden is big. It fills me with enthusiasm, excitement, and joy. However, this act of optimism has another side. In a time when Facebook highlights only the positive moments and feelings of our lives, let’s be honest, the enthusiasm, excitement, and joy we post about is usually accompanied by nervousness, weariness, and […]

Garden Tour Coming Up

This Saturday and Sunday is the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour and my house, Garden 11, is open on Saturday.Thought I’d upload a few pictures to entice you to come. Althoughsome of the monkeyflowers and gilias are past prime, the garden is almost at peak. Chinese fringe (non-native) and flannel bush compete for showiest. […]


Alas, I have been delinquent with my posts. Life just got in the way. Since this spring has been busy, I have been able to put my “lazy gardener” skills to the test. I have not even had time to do a complete garden survey – that sounds way too official, a stroll around the […]