Water Bill Blues

It is estimated that over 50% of residential water in California is used outdoors. With water rates rising quickly I decided to take a look at my bills to see how much they have risen, and how much I could save by converting more of my landscaped yard to water-conserving California native plants.The answer, however, is […]


Back-to-school used to mean to me shopping for pencils, notebooks and backpacks, and one last trip to the beach. Now that I am an empty-nester it means something new. It means nature park volunteers – YAAAY! (See pictures below.) Student volunteers,August 2013 High school student volunteers The teacher of the AP Environmental Science class  in our local […]

Water Basics

Families enjoy warm sunshine at a park in February. It’s all about water – living in Southern California, that is. The sun shines brightly almost every day of the year. Temperatures are, for the most part, moderate, and due to low humidity, even the hottest days are followed by delightfully cool nights. Weather – meaning […]

Trees or Grass

There has been talk suggesting that the widespread loss of massive trees was due in part to us: wrong tree, wrong place, wrong care. This kind of bothered me because I wanted to hear it from experts, from arborists. So I did a google search and found an excellent article by LA Times reporter and […]