Theodore Payne Foundation Annual Garden Tour

Some gardens were small and intimate; others grand and stately. Some were private and restful; others exuberantly displayed their spring colors for all to see. Some were quirky and fun; others elegant and understated. Some were merely a couple of years old; others have been growing and evolving for ten times as long. Some were […]

Upcoming Talks

Today was the first of a flurry of talks and classes that I am giving in the next couple of months. Grounds and park maintenance workers from LA Department of Water and Power and the National Park Service, and Youth Environmental Stewards from North East Trees attended the first of a two-day seminar on Care […]

Selection and Care of California Native Plants Slide Presentation

I totally cannot believe I didn’t see this before, but here is the slide show in full, without me having to upload each and every slide. Phew! As a reminder from an earlier post, most of the information for this slide show comes from my experience growing native plants, my work at Rancho Santa Ana […]