Good to be home

So nice to be home after a couple of weeks in the big city, NYC. Was there with family for my daughter’s and niece’s college graduations, one in the city and the other outside Philadelphia. As cliché as it sounds, one of the nicest things about going away is coming home. Milo and Isabelle (dog […]


It’s a bit late, but I got my tomatoes planted today. I can already taste their deliciousness – in my mind. When I was a child I hated all vegetables … except tomatoes. While my family enjoyed salads made with iceberg lettuce – “real lettuce,” as my father once said, and please note, my father […]

Grape Jelly!

It is grape season and Roger’s Red grape (Vitis ‘Roger’s Red) is loaded up again this year. According to San Marcos Growers, this grape, selected by Roger Raiche, carries the genes of our  wild grape (Vitis californica) and the commercial grape (Vitis vinifera). Whatever it is, it is a great garden, deciduous vine that turns bright […]

Yummy Tomatoes

In past years my biggest crop of cherry tomatoes arrived much earlier in July, some years in time for the fourth. Not so this year. We have been enjoying the cherry and grape tomatoes for some time, but they are really coming in now. We are also loving a black cherry tomato. Great flavor! The […]

Home Sweet Home

After being away for three weeks it is so nice to be home! Sun is shining, Milo is whining, and the yard is abuzz with bees. The plants all made it under the attentive care of my husband. The weather was cooperative but still, didn’t lose a one. Good going, Jim! Milo keeps careful watch […]