The Wedding

Although most of the country is reaching its peak flowering season, those of us who garden with native plants here in the LA Basin, are long past peak. And so it was a challenge to have lots of flowers for my son’s backyard wedding last weekend. With extra watering, help from mother nature with some […]


When I first started the sidewalk native plant garden – way back in 1998 – I planted lots of sunflowers. Each year sunny, funny-faced flowers swayed on stalks six feet tall and taller. People asked how I grew them. It was easy – put the seeds in the ground and wait. People still ask me […]


Thought I’d make a fast post with some before and after pictures. The deck is gone, gone, gone. Interestingly I had a hard time finding pictures taken across the deck so it’s not a great before/after. As a reference point, you can see the deergrass (Muhlenbergia rigens) in the front, left of both pictures. September […]