Successful Planting Party

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Plant List
Plant List

Over fifty volunteers planted 209 native plants in the nature park on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This event, in honor of Martin Luther King’s call to service, included students from Occidental College, YMCA’s Youth and Government Program, and Professional Child Development Associates of Pasadena, and volunteers from the Bank of America’s My Environment ProgramĀ and locals also participated. The plants were purchased with discretionary funds from South Pasadena City Council Members. So many people have given so much to change this once weedy and degraded land into vibrant habitat.

Enjoy your nature park!

2 thoughts on “Successful Planting Party

  1. Paul

    Barbara, you are an inspiration to us all, who try to do our part for natives and sustainability. Thank you.

    Ventura, CA

    • weedingwildsuburbia

      Thank you, Paul. It is great to be working with the amazing volunteers who also help out in the park. It restores ones confidence in people!

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