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I know that we have not suffered through a long cold, snowy winter, and so I don’t deserve to feel so springtime happy. Who can help it? We did have a big winter storm last weekend, so maybe it’s okay. Whether it is or not, IT’S SPRING AND THE FLOWERS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!





3 thoughts on “Springtime!

  1. Our Ceanothus 'Dark Star' is threatening to bloom, but almost everything else is too deprived of sunshine to do anything at the moment. Glad to see your poppies are going full force though…gives me something to look forward too!

  2. I used to take the fire road all the way up in the hills of Burbank. Now that I live on the coast, I miss the smell of the chaparral. I planted two wild sage bushes and the smell brings me right back on the hills and Descanso Gardens (wich I love).

  3. No need to feel guilty–spring's special wherever you are. Your poppies and ceanothus look amazing. I'm really looking forward to early April when the garden goes full-bore manic!

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