South Pas nature park

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Have you been down to the South Pasadena nature park recently? Although we are at the end of nearly 10 months with almost no rain at all, the park is looking great. With the cooler temperatures and a sprinkle of rain, quite a few plants – such as penstemons, sagebrush, and bush sunflowers, and others –  are coming out of dormancy. The buckwheat flowers are dark rusty brown, and the toyon berries are bright red, even orange on one plant. Surprisingly, the California fuchsias continue their long bloom period of around five months!

Enough words. If you can’t take the time to stroll in the park, enjoy the pictures I took while working there this morning with another Friends of the Nature Park volunteer. This will surely convince you to go for an explore in South Pasadena’s hidden gem. And if you can spare the time, join us for our park workday on Saturday, December 9, 2017, 9 – noon. We will be having a planting party on Saturday, January 27, 2018. More info to come.





2 thoughts on “South Pas nature park

  1. Congratulations! Your efforts, along with the volunteers’, are paying off.

    • Thanks again, Pamela. I’d love to visit the park with you again sometime soon.

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