Prisk Native Garden

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Prisk Elementary School in Long Beach is fortunate to have the most amazing native garden. The garden was started in 1996 by teacher, Candy Jennings, and three dedicated volunteers. The garden has grown over the years with the care and loving attention of Mike Letteriello. Each year Mike holds an open house in spring. This year it fell on the same date as the Theodore Payne Garden Tour so I was afraid I’d miss it since my house was on that tour. Luckily Mike invited the community to come see this wonderful school garden the following Sunday as well. I had an amazing time talking with Mike and other native plant garden enthusiasts, and I enjoyed photographing the garden as I slowly wandered the curving paths that passed through mountain, desert, woodland, coastal sage scrub, chaparral, and Channel Island displays. The shear diversity of plants that grow in this garden is remarkable. The kids at Prisk have a real treasure. Please excuse my gushing, but you really need to see this garden if you haven’t already.