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I spent too much time photographing my pot of woodland strawberries. In the front is a large – about the size of the nail of my index finger – strawberry. I love the way the red plays off the cobalt blue pot. When I started, all I wanted to do was eat the strawberry. By the end, I was so into it that I forgot all about it. Amazing accomplishment for me!

From Containers

From Containers

Just got back from looking at the pot again and I gave in. I ate six strawberries – but I left the one I was photographing. It felt like almost scratching an itch. When I was eating, the itch was gone, once I stopped – and the biggest one was still there – the itch returned, only more intense. (*see end of post)

One another topic, here is a pretty pot, taken in the Container Garden at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden.

From Containers

Informal collection of pots of succulents, cycads and the like at Lotusland

From Containers

And finally, the most amazing container garden I ever saw was during a tour of the Valentine Garden, designed by Isabelle Greene.

From Containers

* Addendum: I gave the strawberry to my husband who had a really intense day at work. Not sure he appreciated the sacrifice, but he said the strawberry was good.

4 thoughts on “Pretty Containers

  1. the strawberry pix are really beautiful. i like the dusty, faded background. very nice!

  2. Which one should I submit – portrait or landscape?

  3. It’s tough when the photo bug ruins your appetite 🙂

  4. I’m no longer taking pictures, just eating. They are like tiny candies.

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