Plant Selection for a Native Plant Garden

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The following slide show was created for the Plant Selection and Maintenance of California Native Plants class at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden today. Unfortunately we ran out of time so I couldn’t show it. There were good questions and discussions during the class, so hopefully people got the info they need. Below are garden pictures of gardens based on the RSABG California Classics Palette

4 thoughts on “Plant Selection for a Native Plant Garden

  1. Thank you, again, for sharing your outstanding slide presentations. Referred folks, who attended my talk Saturday, to your site for detailed information on care and selection of native plants. (Also, have a link to your blog on my new website.) Enjoy your vacation!<br />Janis<br />

  2. Thanks for the exposure. How did your talk go? Mine at Rancho went well. People are really interested in making a landscaping change!

  3. Anonymous

    A hearty second to Janis&#39; kudos on your wonderful slides! So glad you share so much.<br />RE: watering container plants. Have you tried using ollas in your containers? I found them at Tree of Life sometime back and have slowly been converting all my containers. They extend the period between waterings and also obviate the need for overhead watering of delicate plants or plants which don&#

  4. Dear Anonymous, glad you enjoyed the slide show. I was thinking about using an olla for a large pot that I couldn&#39;t move easily but I didn&#39;t get to it. I really do want to try this so thanks for the reminder.

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