Plant Sale Thanks

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Our annual California Native Plant Society – San Gabriel Mts. Chapter Native Plant Sale was a big success. We had a record turn out, and sold almost all of our plants. As such, we sent around 1,800 excellent habitat plants out into our communities.

The sale’s success was due to the help and support of so many people and I want to thank all of you who lent a hand. I can’t reach out to each of you individually but I really enjoyed working with you and truly appreciate your help. So here are my personal thanks to those who joined in this adventure. Forgive me if I left your work out, it too was appreciated.

Thank you to those who spread the word about the sale, resulting in an amazing turnout.
Thank you to those who helped with the plant orders.
Thank you to those who organized and copied the educational materials and handouts available at the sale.
Thank you to those who helped set up and water the plants on the Monrovia Historical Museum patio.
Thank you to those who arranged and set up the tables for educational outreach and the sale of unique local goods.
Thank you to those who created and placed signage in and around the patio.
Thank you to the growers and drivers who provided healthy and beautiful plants.
Thank you to those who spent the day at tables sharing your knowledge and beautiful goods with shoppers.
Thank you to those who organized and fed the many volunteers.
Thank you to the volunteers who shared your native plant expertise with the community.
Thank you to those who directed and made the shoppers feel welcome during the sale.
Thank you to those who wrote up sales slips, dealt with the finances, and efficiently and courteously – even when things got busy – took payment for plants, memberships, and merchandise.
Thank you to those who hung around at the end of the sale to cleanup and transport goods and materials, leaving the patio as clean and beautiful as when we arrived.

Thank you to Karen Suarez who made this happen.
Thank you to Artemisia Nursery for helping with the orders, plant labels, and remainder plants.
Thank you to the City of Monrovia and the Monrovia Historical Museum for your wonderful hospitality.
Thank you to the Boys and Girls Club of the Foothills for providing tables, chairs and popups, along with volunteers to help set them up.
Thank you to the shoppers who made our sale a success.

And a personal thank you to those who offered kindness and calmness when I found little of that within me.
Thank you to my husband for listening and for leaving me alone during the weeks prior to the sale.

Finally, welcome to the new and renewing members of the San Gabriel Mountains Chapter of the California Native Plant Society. It was so wonderful to be back with other plant people following the 2020 COVID hiatus. I hope everyone stays safe and well so we can continue to gather for more exciting native plant programs and events.

Volunteers sticking labels on nearly 2,000 containers.