Picking Plants for a Carefree Native Garden

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Very excited to be giving a talk on “Native Plants for the Lazy Gardener” at Tree of Life Nursery this Saturday, October 23rd. Just as a tickler, here is the first slide. If Milo can’t teach us how to take it easy then no one can!


2 thoughts on “Picking Plants for a Carefree Native Garden

  1. I love it, I think Milo and I would get on very well 😉 Wish I could attend. I hope you'll divulge a synopsis of your talk at some point in the future. I'm not lazy per se…but busy enough that a fussy native garden isn't something I'm striving for.

  2. Hey CVF – I always post the entire powerpoint with a plant list on my website, https://www.weedingwildsuburbia.com, about 3 days after I give the talk.

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