PechuKucha, anyone?

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Wild Suburbia - Learning to garden with native plantsAlmost two months since my last post. Are you still out there? Well, it isn’t cause I ain’t been busy. Spent the summer in the Pacific Northwest and was relieved to get back to LA where the air is clear. Funny when our air is better than Seattle’s but that’s what happens when there are fires nearby.

Since returning I have been playing around with PechuKucha. That’s a presentation format of 20 slides X 20 seconds. I first tried using PowerPoint, but the recording was a nightmare. Had it all written out, but I’d mess up on slide #18 and have to start over. Then I decided to use iMovie, so I updated to iMovie 9 and found out there was an incompatibility with my operating system, hence the images were a mess. Next, I downloaded iMovie 10. All went well until I found out that you can’t change the aspect ratio of the slides. Mine were 4:3 and iMovie 10 is 16:9. I could have used the powerpoint slides but they didn’t look very good so I then had to remake them with the correct aspect ratio. It was a joy.

I’m interested in finding out whether this is a good way to convey info. I’ve made some videos before and uploaded them to Youtube. They take me forever to make and they are pretty bad (actually, really bad). Here’s the slide show, 6 minutes and 40 seconds.I think I could get faster at making these now that I’ve got the iMovie stuff down. If it works out then I’m off to Hollywood cause I’m such a natural (ha ha).

3 thoughts on “PechuKucha, anyone?

  1. Todd Binder

    thanks for the article. PechaKucha looks very interesting, so I’m glad you shared that as I had never heard of it! Keep up the good work.I enjoyed your slide show and book. you can certainly tell how much time and dedication went into putting all this together and I’m glad you did.

  2. Pamela Burgess

    Thanks for posting. I thought your video slide show was pretty good. I liked the small images that appear in the top left corner and shots of Milo; they add interest–animate the screen. My only suggestion is that you could probably pick up the speed a bit and shorten it. Keep going!

    • weedingwildsuburbia

      Thanks, Pamela. Helpful to have suggestions like yours.

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