Out on a Limb

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I have already shown pictures of what most gardeners are reluctant to reveal. This, of course, is the demise of my beloved Cal-Poly ceanothus (Death is a Part of Gardening, Dec. 2008). Now I am going further out on a limb by uploading a photo of a plant that does not have a very good chance of making it. The plant, deer grass (Muhlenbergia rigens), is actually very durable, adaptable, and easy to grow. Mine, however, spent about 3 weeks under a tarp after being dug out of a bed at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and 3 more days in a black plastic garbage bag waiting to be planted. I planted it beneath a large old oak near some creeping barberry (Berberis repens). If it makes it, I will refer back to this posting. If it doesn’t, this posting may just disappear.

deer grass and creeping barberry

Just so my name as a competent gardener isn’t totally damaged, below is a picture of the flowers on my fuchsia-flowering gooseberry (Ribes speciosum). It has been a lovely plant with a different look for each season. Right now it is in full bloom, it deep red flowers sets off by its rich, shiny green leaves. The flowers are followed by edible (I am told, though they seem a bit prickly) berries, and then a loss of leaves in late summer to fall revealing spiny, arching brown stems.

fuchsia-flowering gooseberry

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