Nature Park is open during Covid-19

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The last official park cleanup was way back in February – oh my! With California’s early stay-at-home order, we stopped holding volunteer days through the spring and summer. Schools and playgrounds have been closed, and so many families and individuals are enjoying nature in this uncrowded and peaceful park.

Volunteers in February

Even though there haven’t been official volunteer days, members of our community have continued tending the park. We have spread mulch, pulled weeds, cleaned up litter, and watered new plants.

Future Cleanups

In normal years we do not hold volunteer days during July and August. After the heat passes (hopefully) we resume them on the third Saturday of September. This year it would be on September 18, 2020, from 9 am to noon. Unfortunately, the occurrence of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County is still quite high. As such, we will not be holding official volunteer days until schools and playgrounds are open – or possibly later. If you would like to help out, though, feel free to bring your own garbage bags and go at it! I plan to be working in the park on the third Saturdays. You are welcome to come down during the informal workdays, but you must bring your own tools and supplies. And, of course, please, wear a mask.

Visit the Park

If you have not been to the park, you really are missing out. We had a great year for spring wildflowers. After the burst of color from bush sunflowers, penstemons, lupines, California poppies, monkeyflowers, and so much more, the floral display continued into the summer with creamy, white California buckwheat, blue elderberry, pink and apricot colored mallows, and annual sunflowers. Right now, California fuchsia, narrowleaf milkweed, goldenbush, and sunflowers are feeding the critters and delighting visitors.

I hope you enjoy the following slideshow. For those of you who have not been to the park, I hope it entices you to take a stroll in South Pasadena’s hidden gem.

  • Volunteers working in park in February
  • Arroyo lupine in March
  • Kids climb in park
  • Tansyleaf phacelia in March
  • Preschoolers enjoy the park
  • Bush sunflowers bloom in March
  • cobweb thistle
  • Nature park
  • Matilija poppy
  • Narrow leaf milkweed
  • Early bloom of goldenbush
  • Matilija poppy
  • Sunflowers in park entrance
  • Hooker's evening primrose
  • Native plants in August
  • California fuchsia