Nature Park looks great

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We returned from our stay in India about two weeks ago. I finally got to the park on Wednesday. It is obvious that people were working hard over the last half year. The weeds aren’t too bad – only found two struggling castor bean seedlings! The mustard and grasses are dying back and need to be cleaned up, but all in all, not bad! The best thing I saw was the removal of the chain link at the north side of the park. It looks so different with it gone – much better.

June Gloom morning in park. California buckwheat blooming left of center, shrub is young So. Cal. walnut. Abundant, upright, weedy-looking plants are a native called horse weed (Erigeron canadensis). It can be left or removed.

On Monday I went to the Park and Rec Committee meeting to hear about plans for the “North Annex” (area between park and driving range). Sonia Nicholson presented a draft plan to remove weeds, plant trees, and add trails. Swales, other natural drainage features, and natural rock or wood benches are being considered too. It is very exciting.

Deerweed in bloom.

With this new project and greater connectivity with Pasadena and LA through the extension of the trail along the Arroyo Seco the park may get much more use, which would be a very good thing. I am looking forward to continuing our work to gently guide the land back to a healthier, more natural state. We are making progress!

I will be going down into the park to weed next Monday, June 17th from about 9 am to 10:30 (plus or minus). I know some people prefer Wednesday but I can’t make it this week. I will try different weekdays to see which work best for the most people. Let me know if you have a preference. Will try to plan a weekend cleanup as soon as possible.

I uploaded an photo album from our stay in Mumbai during our first two months in India. More to come (it takes a lot of time to cull through thousands of pictures).

Also want to let you know that I am no longer using Facebook (though I am wavering). I will post the cleanups on the Nature Park blog (, my website,  Weeding Wild Suburbia, and The Patch (too late for the SP Review). Please spread the word. If any of you use Facebook, feel free to post the cleanup dates.

Good to be home. I am looking forward to meeting up with all of you.