My Very Own Guacamole

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I am rushing off to a meeting on native walnut trees and wanted to upload a picture of something I am very proud of. I made this guacamole today from ingredients that only came from my garden… except the salt. The tomatoes this year were disappointing but one plant keeps making them. They don’t ripen on the stem – too cold – so I have been bringing them inside and putting them in a paper bag with an apple. They taste okay, not great. Anyway, there are also chives and cilantro in the mix, with a generous squirt of lemon juice from the meyer’s lemons. The avocado is the Mexcali variety which is my favorite.

Phew! I think I will actually make it to the meeting on time.


4 thoughts on “My Very Own Guacamole

  1. you're not using your own homegrown salt?! kidding- looks absolutely delicious! And that chopper is now something I'm coveting.

  2. I'm with Christine…I think I need one of those choppers, seems to fit the bowl perfectly. Wow, looks delicious!

  3. Yeah, I love than chopper. Found it at a garage sale, along with the wooden bowl. The bowl has a crack in it so I can't use it for salad with dressing but it making mincing a breeze.

  4. Jim

    It was great guacamole… I ate<br />most of it.

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