More drip irrigation

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A bit over a month ago I set up drip for the tomato plants. They have been doing great on 15 minutes of drip, every other day. There are two emitters per plant, 1g per minute. So that’s about 1/2 gallon per plant per watering session. When I installed it, I set the timer for 2x per week, 15 minutes each time. That was not enough so I tried it every third day – still too little. Maybe I should increase it to 30 minutes every forth day. Hmmm. Any thoughts out there? By the way, no complaint on the crop. The tomatoes are coming fast and furious and taste delicious!

tomato plants
This year’s tomatoes have been plentiful and yummy.
Tomato plants
Just a few of the constant supply of tomatoes.

Today I set up low-volume irrigation for the containers of herbs. This is kind of backwards. The tomatoes should have been on low-volume and the pots on drip. There is no logical explanation for what I did – it was a consequence of laziness. I had a string of drip spaghetti-tubing available when I set up irrigation for the tomatoes. Today I grabbed the low-volume lines that I used last summer for the tomatoes that were planted along the driveway.

Low-volume drip
Low-volume irrigation for tomatoes in 2014.
Low-volume tubing
Removed tubing from last year’s tomato garden to use for the containers in front.
Laid out tubing for container, herb garden.
Laid out tubing for container, herb garden.
Low-volume parts
Parts for setting up new low-volume system for containers.
Hole punch for 1/2 in tubing.
Don’t cheap out! This very inexpensive tool makes putting holes in 1/2 in tubing a snap. Without it you are likely to puncture hole through both sides of tubing.
Hole punch for 1/2 in tubing.
So easy to do!
1/4 in tubing connectors
I use these 1/4 in tubing connectors. There are better ones for connecting 1/4 in tube to 1/2 in tube but I am out of them. These work fine.
I’ve used these for years and they work fine with no leaking.
Low-volume irrigation
I tried bent paperclips and wire hangers to secure 1/2 in tubing. Did not work! The parts are cheap, get the right ones.
Low-volume irrigation
I often reuse old emitters. To do this slice the 1/4 in tubing being careful not to damage the barb (or your fingers). Next pull the tubing off. Be sure to check that the emitter is clean. I did all of this only to find that they didn’t work anyway and had to change them out. That’s what I get for being cheap.
Low-volume irrigation
Tested the system and all was good, except for some of the old emitters I tried to use.
Low-volume irrigation
System set up. Still have to connect it to spigot with timer, pressure regulator and anti-siphon device. Will do this next time.
Low-volume irrigation
Worked fine!