Modern Hiker blog – Ken Burns on National Parks

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People go to national parks and other pristine wildness areas for many reasons. Ken Burns’ words come closest to my reason:

“[for] the possibility that’s present in silence”

Check out his interview with Tracy Ross of Back Packer Magazine on the Modern Hiker blog.

4 thoughts on “Modern Hiker blog – Ken Burns on National Parks

  1. susie

    can't wait until Sept. 27th for the series to start!

  2. Me neither!

  3. Thanks, WW.

  4. Wellness Writer

    Dear Barbara,<br />I, too, am looking forward to the series. The Sierra Club is giving out DVD&#39;s if we promise to host previewing parties!<br /><br />Just wanted to tell you how much I like your new site. On the home page, I love the way you can have a slide show of images. It&#39;s truly &quot;neat.&quot; Congrats to your daughter on a job well done!<br /><br />Susan

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