Lights, action….

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As my postings become less and less frequent I want to assure you that it is not due to laziness. Well, maybe a little, but I have been busy, still taking lots of photos, doing a little work in my garden, involved in a plant sale, and puttering around in the South Pasadena nature park – when I am not playing with the grandkids.

For quite a while I have been interested in producing short how-to garden videos. Recently I bought a new digital camera with good video capability (Nikon d7100). It is also planting season, so the time is right. My first attempt was, well have a look yourself.

I posted this on Facebook and a FB buddy suggested that it could be improved with words. Indeed! Many hours later I was able to put together the next video. I hope to follow up with more short videos that cover the rest of the process, though this is a time-consuming bit of work. I am hoping to get a microphone to cut down on the street noise and be all professional.

Nice transitions, huh? Each time I view this I can’t help but comment on wording, posture, and content. You can hear me saying: stand up straight, bottom of the root ball, not bottom of the pot (though the root ball usually goes to the bottom of the pot), leave out “really” and “actually”, don’t be so serious! It’s a start.

6 thoughts on “Lights, action….

  1. "This video is private." For both videos.

  2. Oops – will take care of that right away. Sorry!

  3. Love the idea of doing these so casually. I&#39;d prefer to see your lovely face rather than the baseball cap. Could you move a bit closer to the camera, too? PLEASE keep making these – so many of us think about doing this but never get around to it and we need the knowledge base. Spread the info around our whole community. <br /><br />Thank you for sharing. I think short is really good. People

  4. JoYouDog

    Thanks for taking time to do these. Looking forward to the continuation of the project.

  5. This looks like a good use of your skills!

  6. Thanks all. Getting ready to upload a new video – hopefully sometime today. Your comments were helpful, tho these are still rank beginner material. Gotta learn somehow and might as well do it in front of everyone.

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