Late rains bring flowers and weeds

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Although my own garden is not short on weeds – and being on the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour this Sunday, it really should be – I spent much of the day bashing, scything, pruning, pulling, wrestling, and cursing the weeds at the nature park. The late rains have brought more wildflowers, lovely clouds, even a rainbow over the Angeles, but also lots of weeds to the park. The plants we planted on February 1 are doing very well, also thanks to the extra moisture.

Rainbow over Angeles National Forest. It was much more vivid and striking than picture shows.

 So if you have a spare moment, go on down to the park, and be sure to pull a few weeds.

One thought on “Late rains bring flowers and weeds

  1. Love the rainbow and hope the Theodore Payne tour is a fun one for you!

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