Last Wedding Post – and I mean it!

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It has been nearly a month since the big day and it seems like I should put up one final post on how things finished up. As mentioned earlier many of the potted sunflowers were blooming on the big day, though some were only in bud. Three and a half weeks after the big day, many of those are now blooming. I just cannot get enough of these great plants – and really, these sunflower cultivars do not count as native plants in my book. They are so photogenic! So here are a few to ogle over.






All good things must come to an end…

but I do hate to finish on a sad note, so have a look at this one.

5 thoughts on “Last Wedding Post – and I mean it!

  1. I'm always drawn to sunflowers that aren't just plain yellow. I love the one in the fourth photo with the rusty red toned petals…gorgeous!

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  3. Thanks CVF. They are just so much fun to grow – and the bees love them too. Funny thing is that the whole plant is just okay and it looks so sad when it is finished.

  4. Every time I've tried growing them something in the garden has decided that the seedlings are the most delicious things out there. Until I commit to paying some seedlings more attention I'll just have to admire them from afar or when people bring me over a bouquet as they did a week ago–I'm still enjoying the yellow sunbursts in a vase, and now another bouquet on your blog. Thanks

  5. Nice shot! this sunflower was so attractive. I like it. Wish someone also send me like that. Anyway, thanks for sharing.<br /><br /><br />-yumi-

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