June – Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

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Hard to believe I haven’t shared garden beauty shots on Carol’s Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day since last December. Shame on me. Anyway, once again I am pressed for time so I am only posting two pictures, though many more plants are in bloom.

Aster chilensis ‘Pt. St. George’ is a garden-invasive native and as a consequence it is one of the only things that will grow beneath the southern magnolia on the parkway.

Indian mallow (Abutilon palmeri) has been growing in a large clay pot for years now. Since it is in the shade it is a slender, wispy thing.

2 thoughts on “June – Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

  1. Your aster photo is wonderful! L

  2. Oh my, you have asters blooming already? It'll be a while before ours start to bloom. I love the delicate lilac color though, ours are much more white here.

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