Interested in introducing native plants to your garden?

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I am excited to be joining with Wendy Kerfoot, a new board member of South Pasadena Beautiful today (Sunday, 11/15/20) at 4 PM for a Zoom Webinar on introducing native plants to your garden. The presentation will be kept short so that we can address questions posted by participants. (Though the talk is slated for 4:00 – 4:40, we will hang around to answer as many questions as we can.)

I will be addressing some general whys and hows, while Wendy will bring her perspective based on her own garden in South Pasadena. Bring your questions on how to get started, what plants to use, where to get plants, and so on. Hope to see you there!

Front yard with native plants
Front yard native plant garden

2 thoughts on “Interested in introducing native plants to your garden?

  1. Janny Choy

    Was this session recorded? I would love to see it!

    • weedingwildsuburbia

      Hi Jenny. Sorry that I missed your comment. I don’t think the session was posted. You might want to contact South Pasadena Beautiful ( and see if they might be able to do that. We are planning another session in mid to late April.

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