Indian Institute of Science

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Within the bustling city of Bangalore is the venerable Indian Institute of Science (IISc). Founded in 1909, the guest house we are staying in, Centenary Visitors House, was built and named for the institution’s one hundredth anniversary. IISc is a research and higher education facility located on nearly 400 acres donated by the Maharaja of Mysore in 1907. The institute was conceived of by JN Tata in 1896, and though Tata is considered its founder he did not wish to have it named for him. Nevertheless, when directing a tuk-tuk to bring us home, “Tata Institute” works as well or better than IISc.

We have been here a month now and have come to appreciate the beautiful grounds of the Institute. Most of it is forested and there are some lovely old trees throughout the campus. Roads are named for the trees that line them. Although I have not spent much time learning the trees here, I have taken some pictures around campus that I hope capture the feel of the place. It is different from any other campus I have visited.

Indian Inst. of Sci (IISc), Bangalore
Red building among the trees and vines that cover much of the campus.
Indian Inst. of Sci (IISc), Bangalore
Banyon tree outside the Earth Science Building.
Indian Inst. of Sci (IISc), Bangalore
Amazing trunk of flame tree. These are in bloom right now, bright orange-red
flowers on the top of its broad canopy.
Indian Inst. of Sci (IISc), Bangalore
The Mathematics Department is one of my favorite buildings on campus. Each morning when I jog past, the white,
central stairs glow in the morning sunlight.
Indian Inst. of Sci (IISc), Bangalore
Each building has its discipline plainly displayed. 

Too many pictures to post this way, so check out this slide show (enlarge the slide show, bottom right, and then click on show info for captions, top right):