Hot Colors in November

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There is not a lot in bloom in my garden right now. A few remaining California fuchsias, some coastal buckwheat, grasses, and a few non-natives. Still, I couldn’t resist Carol’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, so once again I’m posting both blooms and non-blooms. My theme for this month, though, is hot colors. So all of the pictures are either red or orange, be they flowers, berries or leaves.

California fuchsia (Epilobium canum)

Leaf of Roger’s Red grape (Vitis ‘Roger’s Red’)

A few poppies (Eschscholzia californica) are starting to bloom.

In the back corner of the secret garden (woodland garden, that is) there is a toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) with the brightest, reddest red berries.

The barberries often have red leaves or just red on their leaves (Berberis repens).

4 thoughts on “Hot Colors in November

  1. Lovely warm colors! We have a few Erysimums and Galvezias bringing some red and yellow at the moment. We had a poppies too, until the deer wandered through again. They seem to favor the flowers, but thankfully leave the plant.

  2. Hi Clare – just read up on your Erysimum post. Wow! That was great. Thanks. <br /><br />The buckwheat is still blooming and a few Solidago but it is really quiet here – except for the sound of my shovel chipping away at the remnant lawn.

  3. Finally I get to tell you how much I enjoyed those photos! I&#39;m thinking of a new camera, preferably not too heavy. And I want to take photos like that. <br /><br />Been out in the garden all day ;-&gt;<br /><br />Happy bloom day!

  4. Thank you, TM. I have a Nikon d70s that I got in 2005. I am waiting until the spring to get a new camera. I want one with GPS and video capability – along with the optics I&#39;ve enjoyed. These pictures were all taken with my favorite lens – Nikon 105mm.<br /><br />What are you thinking of getting? One disappointment I have with my dslr is that I can&#39;t take it backpacking because it is too

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