Home Sweet Home

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After being away for three weeks it is so nice to be home! Sun is shining, Milo is whining, and the yard is abuzz with bees. The plants all made it under the attentive care of my husband. The weather was cooperative but still, didn’t lose a one. Good going, Jim!

Milo keeps careful watch over the veggie garden with functioning drip system.

Tomatoes are enjoying the relatively even moisture they are receiving. I thought the timer was set for once every three days, but when I checked it was set for “Tuesday.” Fortunately it was not hot and Jim was on the ball. I have set it correctly now.

Can you hear the bees buzzing on the toyon flowers?

The desert four o’clock (Mirabilis multiflora ssp. pubescens) is in bloom. I love this plant. It disappears each winter only to return in late spring with gray-green leaves and bright pink flowers.

Warm colors of the wooden fence, leaf mulch and the benches under the oak tree are so relaxing. Yes, it is good to be home.

Morning sun sparkles on the deergrass and monkeyflowers.

Maybe it is the mild weather, but the flannel bush is blooming again, though not as floriferous as before.

Margarita BOP penstemon is still blooming.

Going to have lots of grape-lemonade this summer.

But keeping the grape plants under control is no small task. If you stand too long in the gate the tendrils will grab you.

These monkeyflowers always bloom later than the sticky monkeyflowers (Mimulus aurantiacus cultivars). I am not sure what they are. I bought them years ago and keep making new cuttings. I thought they were Sulfer Yellow. Look like a M. clevelandii sort.

There are not a lot of clarkias this year, but this is a lovely bunch in the front yard.

While trying to get a good shot of the flowers of alkali sacaton (Sporobolus airoides), I decided to try to use the white truck parked on the street as a backdrop. Not crazy about the picture. Maybe a black truck or SUV would have been better.

Looking up the street, my wild parkway stands out in contrast to the sedate lawns behind.

One of the best things about going away is coming home!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Stunning pictures, as always. I adore Mirabilis, and don&#39;t know many people who grow it. I haven&#39;t had great luck with the multiflora, but the californica does great and reseeds like crazy.<br /><br />And, white truck or no, the Sporobolus is gorgeous. I had a nice bunch of it but fear it may have passed on. Probably let it get too dry in summer.

  2. i really like that last picture!

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