Heaven on Earth

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From Wild Suburbia

I spent the whole day in the garden, weeding, trimming, sweeping, and just plain having fun. There was a reason I spent all day like a worker bee. On Saturday, April 4th, my garden is on the Theodore Payne Foundation Garden Tour. Unfortunately I won’t be there because I will be at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden annual spring plant sale. To see more pictures, check out my Picasa album.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of my garden.

From Wild Suburbia
From Wild Suburbia

Bird’s eye gilia

From Wild Suburbia
From Wild Suburbia

Baby blue eyes

From Wild Suburbia

Taking a break – where’s the beer?

5 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

  1. Nice life you’ve got there! The bird’s eye gillia is so pretty!

  2. Thanks – yeah not bad. It will be even better after Saturday!

  3. What a great garden! I love that hell strip planting. You are an inspiration…

  4. Yes, where’s the beer and call me! <BR/><BR/>I love love LOVE the parking strip.

  5. Thanks to all. I’ll post some off season – non-wildflower – pictures sometime soon.

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