GBBD – September

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California fuchsia (Epilobium ‘Route 66’)

It is that time again, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, by Carol of May Dreams Gardens blog. Last month I said the garden was quiet, little in bloom. This month there is even less. Let’s face it, after six months with no rain, following nearly two weeks of single digit humidity and triple digit temperatures, the garden is quiet. So I played around with my camera to make up for the limited subject matter. Enjoy!

One small flower on a western columbine (Aquilegia formosa) that is in a 1 gallon pot waiting to be planted in the woodland garden in November.

Purple three-awn (Aristeda purpurea) blooming its heart out. Hot-or-not, it looks great with nearly no water!

The buckwheats (Eriogonum fasciculatum) are amazing as well. I am definitely getting more of these for their reliable summer flowers and all-year good looks.

13 thoughts on “GBBD – September

  1. You are one great photographer!

  2. Hi Mary Delle. Epilobium is pretty easy to grow. It takes sun or part shade. It does get leaf hopper, although this hasn't been a problem for me. Also, it doesn't look great all year – like other natives (monkeyflower, et al.) – but the late summer to fall bloom period makes it worthwhile. My favorites are E. canum (straight species), Everette's Choice – early bloom but amazingly red

  3. Oh, by the way, thanks re. the TPF tour. I will be on it this year as well and for the first time I will be there and I will be showing my backyard as well.

  4. So that&#39;s why my garden has been so quiet as well. The action has died down and I&#39;m not even seeing many birds, except for those super sonic kind!<br /><br />I cut three of my Canyon Rye down to the ground (per CA Native Plants for the Garden, book) and more need to be done. Now I have a couple of bare-looking spots.<br /><br />As usual, you have great photos Barbara!

  5. Mary Delle

    I love your California fuschia. What conditions does it need? I&#39;d like to get more native plants for my garden. By the way, I read that your garden was on the Theodore Payne plant tour for two years. Congratulations! I&#39;m a member of TP, but haven&#39;t been on the tours the past two years.

  6. Thanks Lorraine and Darla. Lorraine, I had Canyon Prince giant rye but it was spreading throughout the garden so I took it out. Is your under control? It is such a pretty color!

  7. Amazing restorative beauty found in nature. Great job capturing! Feel as though I am subscribing to a fine horticultural lecture series. Thank you for sharing all your insights. Was just reminded to join TPF. Plan to attend next year&#39;s tour 4/10-11.

  8. Thanks Janis. Hope you stop by my house next spring.

  9. susie

    Great photos! I love the CA fuchsia &amp; the shadow of the columbine is really beautiful.

  10. Thanks Susie. Taking beautiful pictures is fairly easy in spring – a bit more of a challenge now.

  11. I like the photo of the columbine. I thought it was a little late for them, but it seems it is one waiting to be planted.

  12. Hi Sylvana. Yes the columbine is in a one gallon nursery pot. It is supposed to get really hot again here and I hope I can keep it alive! <br /><br />By the way, I just visited your blog and must say I love your garden.

  13. disa

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