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Better late than never. Rushing to post some of the plants that are flowering in my garden today for the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – July that is run by Carol of May Dream Garden. When I first realized this was going on, I thought: but nothing is really blooming in my garden during the hot weather. Although it is fairly quiet, colorwise, much is in bloom including the California fuchsias, wild buckwheat, some reblooming poppies, Pozo Blue sage, Indian mallow, yarrow, and many grasses. Here as some pictures I took this afternoon.

Brenda Butner nightshade (Solanum hindsianum ‘Brenda Butner’)

From GBBD – July

Spreading gum plant (Grindelia stricta var. platyphylla)

From GBBD – July

Everett’s Choice California fuchsia (Epilobium ‘Everett’s Choice’)

From GBBD – July

Liz Parsons California fuchsia (Epilobium ‘Liz Parsons’)

From GBBD – July

Blue canestem (Bothriochloa barbinodis)

From GBBD – July

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) with Point St. George aster (Aster chilensis ‘Point St. George’)

From GBBD – July

Male (left) and female (right) flowers on California copper leaf (Acalypha californica)

From GBBD – July

Never-ending blooms on California Glory flannelbush (Fremontodendron ‘California Glory’)

From GBBD – July

California figwort (Scrophularia californica) growing in a pot on the back porch

From GBBD – July

Gads, a non-native, white orchid. But couldn’t resist this delicate flower back lit on my porch. I received it for giving a talk at a Garden Club.

From GBBD – July

11 thoughts on “GBBD – July

  1. Your plants there are so different from what is here in Upstate New York. They are very beautiful. Also that bug you are trying to identify is very interesting looking. Almost comical in the face. Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

  2. I'm actually from the east coast (Long Island as a child, NJ as an adult) and I do miss the plants of wetter places that have cold winters.

  3. I like the California fuchsias. And for a place that has nothing going on, there is plenty going on!<br /><br />That back lit orchid picture is wonderful.

  4. Looking good! It&#39;s great for me to read your blog and get some ideas about what to get this fall. Maybe a gumplant?

  5. I really like the Epilobium Everett&#39;s choice, very deep green and red. Nice pic of the Scrophularia, just saw one hiking, not the most exciting plant, but your pic brings out its best.

  6. Thanks Brad. I got scroph cal because someone told me how many bees it attracted. I haven&#39;t seen that many on mine but I like it anyway. <br /><br />TM – if you go with gum plant don&#39;t get the variety platyphylla. This is spreading gum plant and mine is pretty floppy looking – maybe it would be better in more coastal locations. The flowers are pretty and they come in the summer – all

  7. Brad – I forgot to mention, yes Everett&#39;s Choice is scarlet red. I put in Liz Parsons because I didn&#39;t know what it looked like. It is taller, more floppy, have long tubular flowers that are more orange. So far, not my favorite.

  8. You followed me in the Linky. One month, Carole suggested that we visit our &#39;neighbors&#39; so I try to do that. Lots of interesting things to see, love your dog.<br /><br />There&#39;s a nursery near here that has Parkinsonias. I&#39;m tempted.

  9. Hi Barbara, it&#39;s so wonderful to see plants that I&#39;ve never seen before. Even the fuschia looks different…and beautiful. Your images are gorgeous! The orchid, especially.<br /><br />Just checked out your last post. The robberfly (a first time for me) looks dangerous!

  10. I guess all you need to do is look closer to see that there&#39;s more blooming than first meets the eye. The E. Everett&#39;s Choice looks like one I&#39;d plant, but even from the picture I&#39;d have to agree with you about the Liz Parsons. Maybe it gets more prolific later in the season or blooms longer? The figwort is a plant that doesn&#39;t scream for attention, but it&#39;s worth looking

  11. NellJean, thanks for stopping by. Could you be from a more different place than me? Love your pictures, especially the day-after Bloom Day collage. Parkinsonias are real nice – give them a try.<br /><br />Kanak, glad you enjoyed the px. The robber fly is pretty gruesome looking, but a welcome addition to wild suburbia.<br /><br />James, I do think Liz Parsons needs a bit more time to see whether

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