Garden Tour Coming Up

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This Saturday and Sunday is the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour and my house, Garden 11, is open on Saturday.Thought I’d upload a few pictures to entice you to come. Although
some of the monkeyflowers and gilias are past prime, the garden is almost at peak.

Chinese fringe (non-native) and flannel bush compete for showiest.
Flannel bush flower.
Flannel bush is abuzz with bees. You can hear it all over the yard.
Wild onion blooming in pot.
Seaside strawberry is in bloom also but this red leaf caught my eye.
Pacific Coast Hybrid irises are blooming.
One of my favorite iris hybrids (thank you, Bart).
Iris closeup.
Woodland garden is peaceful green.
Edibles located in sunny part of yard (bottom), flannel bush and white Chinese fringe behind.
Flagstone path into woodland garden.
New table and chairs beneath avocado in back awaits table top and seat cushions. (Thank you, Emily.)

9 thoughts on “Garden Tour Coming Up

  1. I'm sure you'll have a great time hosting on the tour. I'm deeply regretting not being in town to make it this year.

  2. Definitely enticed by your lovely photos and garden. Not sure I'll make it, but hopeful! Cheers!

  3. Have fun! And let us know how it goes. The photos certainly look enticing.

  4. I'm impressed your Flannel bush is blooming so profusely already. Your garden is significantly ahead of ours. I haven't even seen a hint of buds on the monkeyflowers, although our native Iris fernaldii have just started to bloom. Have fun with the tour!

  5. Thanks, all. It is supposed to rain tonight, tomorrow and Friday so I can't set out the plant id labels – which aren't waterproof. Looks like I am going to be up very early Saturday morning! Also with the expected winds there will be a lot of last minute sweeping. … not that I'm nervous or anything!

  6. Clare – interesting about your monkeyflowers not blooming yet, some of my older plants in the front bloomed very early – February. In the back most are younger and in more shade and they are just starting. By the way, I love your spider post!

  7. Sometimes I wish the tours were sooner, with some of my favorites peaking nicely earlier in the season. Still, your tour is 3 weeks ahead of the big San Diego tour, and it looks like visitors to Garden 11 are in for some great sights. Have fun this weekend!

  8. Anonymous

    Beautiful images! Hope to see you on the Tour! Pamela

  9. Your garden looks amazing! Hope the tour went well. It's strange, but all of our ceanothus, manzanitas and the San Gabriel flannel bush on our property have been extremely floriferous this year, despite our weird winter weather here in SoCal. Go figure.

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