First ripe tomato

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I picked my first ripe tomato yesterday. It is Legend tomato, an early producer. I have lots of green tomatoes on other plants, but not on Legend. I am growing Romas, cherry, Brandywine, Big Beef, and Legend. The Blue Lake beans are also flowering and setting fruit. The lettuce is bolting – even though it hasn’t been very hot. We’ve all been cooking a lot so the thyme, parsley, basil, tarragon, and chives are being used.

Last Modified on March 24, 2015
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9 thoughts on “First ripe tomato

  1. There's nothing more exciting than the first tomato of summer–congratulations! I've been picking some Cherokee Purples, but those are off a plant that took up housekeeping in my unheated greenhouse and survived the winter with not nearly enough light.

  2. Can't wait to eat it – tomorrow. Funny thing is there are very few flowers on that plant now and no other tomatoes. Other plants are loaded, though none is ready to eat yet.

  3. Barbara,<br />Good looking tomato! Bet it will be tasty, never of this kind. I too like Cherokee Purple. Our tomatoes look bad too many damp cold nights the past month.

  4. Well I must say I was a bit disappointed in this beauty&#39;s taste. Yes it came early, but it was not as firm as I like and not as flavorful as I like. Still, better than store bought, and early!

  5. By the way, Randy, your blog is beautiful!

  6. it&#39;s stunning 🙂

  7. Thanks, Emily. It is quite a looker.

  8. Hi Barbara,<br /><br />I just wanted to thank you again for the very nice offer to dig up some soil from your beds for my &#39;raised&#39; raised bed. We are reaping the rewards. Soil – the gift that keeps on giving.<br /><br />;feat=directlink<br /><br />Hope to make it out to your park clean ups in the

  9. Hey Drew,<br /><br />Took a look at your pictures – pretty darn impressive! If you need any more soil or mulch – we&#39;ve got plenty.<br /><br />The Nature Park is looking okay. Jane Tsong offered to help design the central area (aka failed grassland). I will put some info up on the nativebydesign blog. The biggest disappointment was that I found one yellow star thistle there. This is the

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