Driving east

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Did you ever feel like getting in the car and just driving east? You know, leaving the errands behind and crossing the whole country? Maybe it is the extreme heat we have been experiencing. Maybe it is the pull of my family, my daughter, son, sister, brother, in-laws, nieces, nephews… they are all back east. Yes, I want to visit, but more than that, I want to experience the expansiveness of our country, as my husband and I did years ago.And in about a month, that is just what we are going to do. But of course, there are preparations to be made. Although our kids are grown, we have a dog, two cats, and zillions of plants that rely on us. So today I started setting up the automatic irrigation for the vegetable gardens.

I have posted before (see below) on how to set up a simple low-volume or drip system on an automatic timer, so this time I’ll just add a few pictures of the new driveway vegetable garden and the drip irrigation on the raised bed and driveway veg gardens.

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