Cool, cloudy and delightful

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From Wild Suburbia

Following two and a half days of feverish heat, the weather has changed. Instead of brutal hot, dry air from the desert, we are now getting cool, moist breezes from the sea. Nearly 100 degrees two days ago, today it probably won’t top 70. It is overcast and refreshing. A perfect day for gardening and ladybugs.

From Wild Suburbia

I have no idea where all of these ladybugs came from, but I’ve never had so many in my garden before. These pictures do not convey their numbers. They are every where! And not surprising, I don’t see many aphids around this year. Eat away, ladybugs!

From Wild Suburbia

I planted roma tomatoes (the others are already in), basil, and lettuce. If it stays seasonably cool, the lettuce should give us one more crop before the heat settles in for the summer months. The last batch is just finishing up and it was wonderful.

Milo was skunked a couple of nights ago. I bathed him with a mix of peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. It helped but he was still a bit skunky so I did it again today. Seems there was a skunk party and we were not the only participants. They sprayed near the garage, near the back door and on the other side of my next door neighbor’s house.

From Wild Suburbia

4 thoughts on “Cool, cloudy and delightful

  1. Hi Barbara,<br /><br />Thank you for your advocacy for native plants and water conservation it’s very encouraging. <br /><br />If you know anyone that might want to provide their knowledge to our project in Studio City ( we would appreciate it. <br />It’s a net-zero energy whole house remodel with green non-toxic, reclaimed and recycled products and many water conserving

  2. Dear Tammy,<br /><br />Your company looks very interesting. I’m glad to see that this kind of work is going on.<br /><br />I am not exactly sure what you are looking for with regard to someone who "might want to provide their knowledge…". Can you clarify?<br /><br />Barbara

  3. Hi, Barbara,<br /><br />I’ve really enjoyed reading your April blogs. I do hope the City relents–the law on the parking strips is absolutely ANTIQUE. And silly and stupid. I think your letter and comments to the City were great.<br /><br />Love seeing pix of both you and your dog, too!<br /><br />Joan M

  4. Joan – so glad you were able to leave a comment. My battle with the city goes on. I will be going to the Natural Resources Commission next Tuesday – or maybe it is Thursday – to discuss water conservation and parkways. Fun, fun.

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