Container plants in Mumbai

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I have spent enough time on this. Does anyone know how to use a flickr slideshow, as I have done here, but include the description (and not the title) of each slide at the bottom? Anyway, the descriptions and titles show on the upper, right. You may have to click on the slide. I think you can see them on my flickr page as well.

The city is gritty and apparently quite park-poor, but people cannot get enough of plants. There are trees growing through walls, on roofs and everywhere you look. There are also container plants in streets, on sidewalks, on balconies, roofs, highway ramps – all over the place. Check out the following slideshow.

The large building at the end of the slideshow (oh, I wish I could include descriptions!) is the billion dollar house. Apparently 600 people work and live there, in addition to the owner and guests. The front of the building has a living wall that is truly amazing. The distribution of wealth is a bit off, don’t you think? 

2 thoughts on “Container plants in Mumbai

  1. The containers really struck me as well when I visited India 3 years ago – so amazing amongst the crowds and everything. <br /><br />Sounds like you&#39;re having quite an adventure!

  2. Hi TM. I didn&#39;t know you were in India recently. Did you post about it? Anyway, yes we are having quite a time here. I am working on my website and writing quite a bit – along with sightseeing while we are staying in Mumbai. We will be leaving in 3 weeks for two months on the road. Probably won&#39;t do any writing during that time.<br />

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